Freitag, 16. August 2013

How to attach a clock on a magnetic board

You will need the following things:

a board (cork board, magnetic board, whiteboard or a chalkboard),
clockwork with clock hands,
a drilling machine with appropriate drill 
and some decorations
Step 1: Take your drilling machine and insert a suitable drill bit. The hole should be not too large, otherwise the clockwork will wobble too much later.

Tip: If the hole has become too big, attach the clockwork with some glue.

 Step 2: Look at which point you want to have your clock and mark the place of the center of your clock with a pen. Carefully drill a hole in your board.

Tip: Maybe you will need the help from an adult, if you are too young.

Step 3: Put the clockwork with the white part through the hole and attach the clock hands on it. At first the short hand, then the larger one and at the end the seconds clock hand.

Step 4: Cut the clock hands in the appropriate length.

Step 5: Now you can mark the times. I have used a few rhinestones for it, but you can make some magnets with numbers, you can use stickers or you can write the time with a Marker. Let your imagination run wild. :)

Tip: Take a circle or make a template for your clock, so that the clock is accurate as possible. I haven't done that, so my clock sometimes shows not the right time. (--..--)

Now you are finished and can decorate your board. If you want, you can decorate your clock hands as I have done. I've used some star rhinestones for it, but you can also use stickers or cabochons. But the objects should be very thin and small and not too heavy.

Here you can see my finished and decorated board. I hope, you'll like it. (^..^)

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