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Tutorial - Cute shell necklace

Better too late as never. Actually I wanted to upload this tutorial last year, but I was just too lazy. Sorry! But with a little delay here is now the tutorial about these cute shell necklaces. I hope you'll enjoy.

You'll need:
a shell,
casting resin,
glitter, pearls and some small nail art accessoires,
a organza ribbon and a satin ribbon,
jewelry parts like eyepins, jumprings etc.,
jewelry pliers, scissors, tweezers
jewelry glue,
a Dremel with an really thin drill

Step 1: With a Dremel you drill a small hole in the shell. Please wear protective goggles, because some shells break easily and your drill can break too. It's not easy to make a hole in a shell, so take care!
Take a headpin and put it through the hole. Add glue on the end of your headpin, so that it's glued on the shell. Use not too less of glue, but also not too much. But the hole should be closed completely, so that the resin can't float out.

Note: I used shells from my near river. Because they were dirty, I needed to clean them. If you also need to clean your shells, don't use vinegar! I think, I didn't need to say why. ;)
Because my shells still were a bit dirty after cleaning, I glazed them with white nail polish.

 Step 2: Mix your casting resin as described in the package instruction and fill some of the resin into your shell.

Now you can add your decorations. I used a light pink and a small white pearl, nail art stars and pink glitter. If necessary, you can add more resin.
Let it dry (take a look in your package instruction).

Step 3: After 24h my resin was dry and I could continue with my necklace. On the outside of the shell, I glued two pink rhinestones, then I formed the headpin to a loop.

Note: I think it will look great, if you glaze your shell with glitter nail polish too.

 These materials I used for my necklace.

Step 4: Take your organza and satin ribbon and cut them into equal long pieces. Now use the  ribbon ends and fix the ribbons together.

Step 5: Put two jumprings through a small ribbon bow and attach it on the shell. With another jumpring, you can attach the bow with the shell on the ribbon. Also fix some pearls on your necklace.
Now you can add a chain plus a lobster claw clasp and a jumpring.
Now you're finish.

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