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Padico Decoration Sauce - Review

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Today I'll show you these fake sauce pens from the company "Padico". :)

General information's:
These small bottles/pens are filled with deco sauces and they're from the Japanese company "Padico". They come in 10cc (10ml) tubes.
With these creamy sauces you can add a realistic effect to your fake sweets creations.

After the clay has dried, you can add the stringy liquid sauce on top of it. Because of the squeezable tubes, it's easy to apply.
The sauce dries by air contact. Depending on the applied thickness it will take just some hours to dry.

Which colors are available?
There are two different types of deco sauces, which are available in different colors - "Deco Sauce R" and "Deco Cream Sauce".
The "Deco Sauce R" is available in six different colors:
-strawberry (pink)
-mango (orange)
-kiwi (green)
-blueberry (blue)
-chocolate (brown)

The "Deco Cream Sauce" is available in these four colors:
-caramel (caramel brown)
-strawberry milk (light pink)
-chocolate milk (brown)
-milk cream (white)

Were is the different between "Deco Sauce R" and "Deco Cream Sauce"?

Deco Sauce R Chocolate
Deco Sauce R: The "Deco Sauce R" colors dry transparent and look just like real fruit sauces. While drying, the sauce get cracks and an uneven surface, as you can see pretty good on the picture right.

Deco Cream Sauce: The "Deco Cream Sauce" is more watery and has a smooth and shiny surface. It can be used as a decoration pen, for example to write letters.

My opinion:
I think, for people which don't want to make own sauces, it's a pretty useful product. It's easy to use and looks okay, I guess. The price is also okay, if you buy it directly from Japan. (about 200yen, ca. 1,50€).
Also the unused product is pretty durable. My pens are three years old and they haven't dried yet.

I personally don't use my deco pens very often. I don't like the uneven effect of the "Deco Sauce R" pens, so I just use them to make stripes and dots on my clay pieces. I guess, all these pens are not the best choice to fill larger areas. Because of the cracks, it would just look awful. ^^

Even though I was very excited at the beginning, I wouldn't buy these deco sauces again. But this is because I have found some good alternatives and I think, that my homemade sauces look prettier. But for people who don't got any alternatives (or don't know them), it's super useful. Maybe you will like them!? ;)

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