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What is decoden?

Decoden care bear phone case

What is decoden? 
This is a question which I read often, so I'll try to explain what decoden is.

Decoden is a crafting trend from Japan. It's short for "Decoration Denwa". "Denwa" is the Japanese word for "phone". But decoden isn't just about phones, it also could be decorated fingernails, portable gaming systems, mirrors, headphones and so on.
I guess, meanwhile it's just a term for the personalization and individualization of different items with many different materials.

Probably the most popular decoden projects are "Sweets Deco", but items decorated with colorful rhinestones are very popular too.

Decoden pocket mirror
Decoden tape dispenser

Which materials can be used for decoden projects?
You can use whatever you like. You can let your imagination run wild.
Many people use a lot of fake whipped cream, pearls, figurines, rhinestones, fake sweets and cabochons made out of resin, plastic or clay.
 There are a lot of shops which sell materials just for decoden projects. But you can also use handmade clay pieces, to decorate your items.

Decoden metal container

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