Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

Japanese Sweets

Hey guys, some time ago I traveled to Roermond in the Netherlands and in the city I visited a nice candy shop named "Jamin". To my surprise they sell Japanese sweets there, so I took the opportunity and bought a few things. 
In this post I'll show you the products I've bought and will try to describe, how they taste. :)

Meiji - Hello Panda Cookies:
In the package are round and bear head shaped cookies with a nice chocolate filling. The cookies contains drawings of pandas which make sport activities.

The biscuits are crunchy and the chocolate filling is not too sweet.
Maybe some of you know "Nutella and Go" from Ferrero. This is a package of breadsticks which can be dipped in Nutella hazelnut spread. I think, that it taste pretty similar. At least the cookie layer tastes like those breadsticks for me.

I like those Panda cookies. They're delicious. :)

Glico - Pocky Strawberry: 
The company Glico sells Pockys in Germany too, but under the name "Mikado" instead. But in Japan they have a lot more flavors. Here you can just find the cookies with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate (and I believe, also some with nuts), so I was pretty curious, how the strawberry ones will taste like.

As I opened the package, the strawberry smell was pretty intensive. Smelled a bit like my strawberry oil for scenting my fake sweets. But luckily it tastes not as intense as it smells.
Those Pockys have a fine strawberry flavor and are not overly sweet.

I like them! I think, they're somehow fresh and are a nice snack for summertime. ^^

Glico - Pocky Panda Cookies and Cream:
I really love this one! Those Panda Pockys have chocolate flavoured biscuits which are coated with a creamy chocolate and cookie bits. They smell pretty milky and a bit like vanilla ice cream. The coating tastes like white milk chocolate with a bit of vanilla. So yummy and the coating fits the chocolate cookies very well.

Koris - DIY Candy Kits:
Beside the cookie packages, I've also bought two candy kits from the company "Koris". The names of the kits are: "DIY Waku Waku Soft Candy" and "DIY Ice Bar Soft Candy".
I'm not really sure what kind of candies they should be, but I think, they are some kind of fruit gums or chewy candies.
I'll open them later and maybe I'll document the making process with my camera. :)

Unfortunately, I don't know the prices anymore, because I don't got a receipt. But I'm sure, that everything costs about 16,00 Euro together.

The packaging of the products is pretty cute. Isn't it? Especially the Pocky package is really nice made. I like that the bags with the cookies are printed too. So lovely.

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